Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Today I was awakened by the sound of a small voice saying, "Happy Mother's Day...!" and precious Sweet Pea giving me a hug (the first of many I would receive from her). Awww! She and Hubby gave me a homemade card and a gift certificate to the local scrapbook store - score! We lazed around the house for a while and then got ready to go to The Big City (aka Little Rock) for a cool lunch; this is a big deal considering we live in the armpit of the U.S. with very little cultural diversity - yea!

We had Japanese for lunch and then did a little shopping to totally maximize the experience. One of the places we went was the Wild Oats Market (which was bought out by Whole Foods, but they still have the Wild Oats sign, so I don't know if they're keeping it or just haven't gotten around to it all). We had a lot of fun and got some neat things, including some cool cheeses that you can't get where we live.

Freshly cut papaya

When we got home, I set out the cheese

L to R: Champignon brie, Amish Blue, Saint Andre' Triple Cream, Fontina, Raw blue
with some crackers, bread,

Mmmmm, bread-ish items...

and fruit.

Clockwise from top: Seedless red grapes, Reduced balsamic vinegar, Pears, Papaya, & Granny Smith apples

Hubby grilled these El Yummo salmon burgers, also from Wild Oats. It was great! He wanted to pull out just about everything we'd gotten there and have a smorgasboard - and I will admit I tasted everything - but my fave was the cheese and fruit. I could live on that, man!

It was a good day to be a mom. :)

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chriesi said...

What a nice day! Cheese and fruit, yeah, I agree with you! Mmm...