Saturday, April 4, 2009

Shark, anyone??

This makes me think of "Finding Nemo" and Nemo's nickname that he gets from the other fish in the dentist's aquarium: Shark Bait (OOH-ha-ha). Sorry. (Which reminds me that I need to take the dead goldfish out of our own aquarium that I saw floating this morning... Egad. Maybe I can talk Hubby into doing the dirty deed.)

Anyway, these are some old pictures that I had on our old computer, which crashed, and that I forgot I had on the ol' memory card until I started transferring pic files yesterday. Insta-blog! ;D

Last July, we went on a trip with a group of friends who know each other through our university. Some I went to school with, some I'd met since I graduated, and some I had only "seen" online via our email listserve. We all met at Jekyll Island, Georgia and spent a week:

~Going to the beach~

~Going shopping~

^^ Sweet Pea & me during the middle of a nice little tantrum she started throwing in the middle of one shop on St. Simons Island - ahh, memories! If I look in control there it surely did not last....

~Eating good food~

^^ Spring rolls that one of our friends, Buzz, made from scratch one night

~Touring the island and admiring the beautiful old buildings~

but mostly just hanging out and nuturing some awesome friendships.

^^ Jekyll Island Club brunch, L to R: Doc Mary, Nita, Jan, Lynne, Gail, Siri, me

^^ Siri, Cindy, Kym

^^ Terry & John

^^ JJ, Neels, Gail, & Lydia

Another thing we did was to go sea fishing. Hubby went twice - the first day with our friends Jimmie, Doc Mary, and Jan;

^^ L toR: Boat dude, Hubby, Doc Mary

^^ Jiminy the Master Fisheress

and the second time with John, Siri, and me.

Siri's shark - not big enough to keep, though.

L to R: Siri, me, boat captain, John

It was really a blast, and everyone caught a good amount of fish both days so that there was plenty to share and bring back home.

Thus, with the sweet taste of salt water still clinging to our lips - even if in memory - we decided to cook up some of our spoils once we returned home. When Hubby went with The Gals, they decided to go fishing for shark, so we ended up with several steaks in the freezer. If you know us, you know one defining thing about us: Our adventurous palates! So Hubby and I were both salivating like Pavlov's dog when he threw these onto the grill. I swear to goodness, I can't remember what he used for seasoning....will try and remember to ask him and update if he actually remembers.
Clockwise from top L: Grilled shark steak; Corn on the cob; Quinoa w/tomatoes, cucumber, and parsley; Green beans & potatoes
The flesh was nice and firm yet tender, and quite mild. Someone had told Hubby that it could sometimes have an ammonia-like taste, and I could kind of pick up on this kind of "different" taste, but it was so faint that it didn't make any big impact. Plus, since sharks don't have bones, you could just dig on in there and not worry about that (I can't stand fish bones....if there's a phobia for that I have it). I'd definitely have it again - preferably caught by a familiar hand just off the coast of an extremely cool island in the company of fabulous friends. It just wouldn't be the same any other way.


LisaLisa said...

I can't believe it but your pics and commentary actually make shark sound good! Haha! Looks like y'all had an awesome trip and I wish I could have been at your table when you put together such a pretty meal! :) Love you girlie!

Amy J. said...

It would also be a fun family retreat for our group, I think! Quite affordable. We were just over a sand dune from the beach and there is lots of stuff to do in that area.