Monday, April 28, 2008

You Know You're Into Blogging When...

...your hubby says, "OK, Wed. night we're going to talk about taxes/finances" etc. etc. "and that means no blogging about cheesecake before we do it!"



chriesi said...

:D ehhe
and you are a food blogger if instead buying a set of 12 plates you buy 12 different for mr. digital camera :D

Anna Kline said...


what fun is that?!

blogging about cheesecake is much more enticing!!

Amy J. said...

LOL - I agree on both counts!

Chriesi, I still want a new camera!! :P

Anna, the only thing more enticing about blogging on cheesecake is becoming satiated with it! LOL

chriesi said...

Ah do not mention camera! I need also a new one because this one seem to have a problem! It has sometimes a black spot on the photos,so it seems like it will not work well anymore.

RecipeGirl said...

Ha! I get blogging grief from my husband too :)