Sunday, February 3, 2008

Eyelet Love You....Eyelet Love You NOT!

The other day, I decided to go by the Tuesday Morning in our town and see what they had, since I haven't been there in quite a while. I was really excited to find a kit that I can use in scrapbooking to put eyelets on my pages. It was the whole deal - the eyelets, hole punchers, eyelet flatteners, and the hammer - so I thought, 'How can I go wrong?'


I can't get this sucker to work for crap! The instructions are easy: Punch the appropriately sized hole with your hole punch. Fit the eyelet into the hole. Turn the paper over and use the other tool, tapping it with the hammer, to flatten the back of the eyelet, thus securing it to the paper. Use the hammer alone to gently finish tapping the back of the eyelet flat to the paper. Simple, right? WHATEVER!
All I can say is, right now I make some crappy eyelets:

Maybe I just need more practice, but I'm wondering if my intellect (or the lack thereof) is hampering my progress. I've done several searches and can't seem to find anything that really helps, so I guess I will have to contact one of my friends who is a more advanced cropper than I am. Maybe she can straighten my crazy rear out!

Meanwhile...I remain...Embellishment Challenged.

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TwentiesDecoDoll said...

embellishment challenged. ha! i feel that way quite often!!!

my vote is for a bedazzler.